South Seas Adventure, 1958 – ★★★★

TBH, I kinda skimmed through this one, just to see if I’d like to buy the Blu-ray, and boy howdy do I. Everything before the intermission is just lovely, and makes me excited to see the islands that my grandparents saw when they visited. After the break is New Zealand and Australia, with a lot more drab browns. I’m sure I’ll find that interesting too (one particular shot seems to have dozens of kangaroos hopping all at once), but Hawaii is the real draw.

As grateful as I am that this exists at all, I’m a little confused by the choice to mix a 7.1 original mix down to a new 5.1 mix. Blu-rays can handle 7.1, so I wonder what the reason was. Maybe the separation was different from modern 7.1? I’m grateful that the original scanned 9K image (3 x 3K) was archived with the LoC. Perhaps someday we’ll see a 4K restoration.

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