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To paraphrase a friend, it was kind of a dumb Scooby-Doo mystery, but the character interactions between the kids were great. A lot of fun, regardless.  Got this free when signing up for Movies Anywhere last year, but just now getting around to watching it. from my Letterboxd

Good fun, though it goes on a little too Lang. Great score by Bernard Herrmann, and excellent stop motion animation by Ray Harryhausen. from my Letterboxd

By about 15 minutes in, I was completely in love with this movie. A subject near and dear to my heart, approached with reverence, love, and craftsmanship. It fits well into my love of movies that have “competent people being competent” at their jobs, but in this case it’s the backstory leading up to achieving […]

Oh boy, that was good, a nice mystery, and ramping up the tension with the room mechanics. Lots of fun. from my Letterboxd

Oh. OH. Oh NO!! This disc I rented is COLORIZED! They should slap a big red warning label on that. Apparently I watched this film seven years ago, and I don’t even remember doing so. I first saw this story as the 1999 remake with Geoffrey Rush in the Vincent Price role. I’m sure there’s […]

Well that certainly was… something. A lot of goo, is what it was. Just lingering shots of goo. Well, okay, and Ernest Borgnine being creepy. I admit I was only half watching while I did homework, but I’d look up to see a shot of goo, look down at my homework, and look back up […]

Don’t get to close to people, you’ll catch their dreams.  Tucker: The Man and His Dream is a master class in lighting and composition, with an incredible script and amazing performances. I’m at a loss as to why this film isn’t more popular, and why Martin Landau wasn’t nominated for Best Supporting Actor is beyond […]