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AppleScript for iTunes to reformat the song/artist/album/composer title of your iTunes tracks according to the rules of proper English title case. Also corrects common song title database errors, which improperly use a grave ` instead of an apostrophe ' for contractions and possessives, and have odd spacing before and after some punctuation.

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The current version of this script can always be found on this page.

Release Notes


  • 2009-03-24
  • Added a more complete list of prepositions of four or fewer letters
  • Corrected capitalization of words following a separating character


  • 2006-06-28
  • Remove leading spaces at the start of the title
  • Remove extra spaces
  • Remove trailing spaces after opening brackets
  • Remove leading spaces before commmas and ending brackets


  • 2006-06-27
  • Initial Release of this fork
  • Convert grave to apostrophe

< 1.0 — Proper English Title Capitalization

  • Based on the original script “Proper English Title Capitalization,” by Cantus Vetustus
  • His AppleScript can be downloaded here

You should check out my podcast about movie magic and VFX: The Optical.