Curriculum Vitae

This post was published more than a few years ago (on 2020-04-15) and may contain inaccurate technical information, outmoded thoughts, or cringe takes. Proceed at your own risk.

Mark Boszko has worked in all aspects of video production for 25 years, focusing on post production and motion graphic design.

Here is my resume.

Buzzword Bingo

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  • Video: online editor, offline editor, colorist, motion graphics, animation, post, production, live, finishing, broadcast, cable, corporate, in-house, freelance, Adobe, After Effects, Premiere, Apple, Final Cut Pro, Avid, Media Composer, scripting, automation, workflow, VFX, film technology, transcode, ingest, delivery, app preview, screencast, voiceover, narration
  • Podcast: produce, host, research, voice acting
  • Development: script, automate, pipeline, workflow, macOS, Python, JavaScript, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Swift


Extensive detail about my work.

Broadcast Video & Film Credits, including technical achievements

  • 3Net Studios / Percolate Digital — Unraveling the Cosmos,* 3x48 episodes, all CGI 3D-stereo series on amazing space facts — offline and online editor
  • Discovery ID — Motives & Murders, season 3, online editor
  • BBC Channel 5 re-version of Discovery “Silver Rush” program (“Treasure Quest” sequel), online editor
  • H2 (History) — How the States Got Their Shapes, season 2 online editor and colorist
  • Nat Geo Wild — The Incredible Dr. Pol, (several episodes) online editor
  • Discovery ID — Motives & Murders, seasons 1 and 2, online editor
  • 2012 National Geographic Bee, hosted by Alex Trebek, roll-in edits for PBS and National Geographic Channel broadcasts, prep, and overnight edit for broadcast on PBS the next morning
  • National Geographic/PBS — NOVAMystery of a Masterpiece
  • H2 (History) — 101 _____ That Changed the World (Objects, Inventions, Weapons, Fast Foods), 4 episodes, compositor, online editor
  • National Geographic — Bones of Turkana, online editor
  • National Geographic — Narco Bling, online editor
  • National Geographic — Ballard’s Titanic, online editor
  • National Geographic — Human Trafficking, online editor
  • Nat Geo Wild — Elephants Gone Wild, online editor
  • Nat Geo Wild — America’s Big 5, online editor
  • National Geographic — Ultimate Factories,Coca-Cola”, online editor
  • National Geographic — Human Flight, online editor
  • National Geographic — Transgender, online editor
  • JWM Productions — BESA: The Promise, documentary feature film, early motion graphics, online editor
  • Nat Geo Wild — Zoo Babies/World Wild Web, online editor
  • 3Net — The Ancient Life, 3D stereo production, (ep. 4) online editor
  • Ack Attack: The Fastest Bike in the World, produced for syndication, online editor
  • National Geographic — Ultimate Factories,Frito-Lay”, editor
  • National Geographic — Explorer,JFK: The Lost Bullet,” additional editing, online editor
  • History Channel — 101 Gadgets That Changed the World, compositor, online editor
  • 2011 National Geographic Bee, hosted by Alex Trebek, roll-in edits, prep, and edit for PBS broadcast
  • National Geographic — Killer Shots: Lion Stalker, online editor
  • Animal Planet — Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, Season 9, animated functional maps
  • Nat Geo Wild — Shane Untamed, online editor (ep. 1-4), color (ep. 3-4), titling (ep. 3-4)
  • Nat Geo Wild — Dangerous Encounters, “To Catch a Hippo,” offline editor
  • National Geographic — Explorer, “Can the Gulf Survive?,” online editor
  • National Geographic — Nature Untamed, “The Rise of Black Wolf”, online editor
  • National Geographic — Explorer, “24 Hours After Hiroshima,” online editor
  • National Geographic — Nature Untamed, “Snakes that Fly”, online editor
  • — Your Amazon Ad Contest,Attack of the Giant Amazon” spec spot, writer, director, co-producer, director of photography, grip, background actor, editor, visual effects, colorist; I also created a behind-the-scenes effects breakdown video
  • 2010 National Geographic Bee, hosted by Alex Trebek, roll-in edits for PBS and National Geographic Channel broadcasts, prep, and overnight edit for broadcast on PBS the next morning
  • Nat Geo Wild — My Life is a Zoo, 4 episode series, online editor
  • PBS/WGBH — NOVA,Quest for King Solomon's Mines,” online editor
  • National Geographic — World’s Toughest Fixes, “Salt Lake City Sky Bridge”, online editor
  • National Geographic — World’s Toughest Fixes, “Atom Smasher”, online editor
  • Silver Spring Media Arts — Next Stop: Silver Spring documentary, motion graphics, online editing, and color
  • Discovery — Solving History with Olly Steeds, 7 episode series, online editor
  • National Geographic — Dangerous Encounters,The Wild West,” offline editor
  • National Geographic — Dangerous Encounters, “Deadly Australia,” online editor
  • PBS/WGBH — NOVA,Becoming Human,” 3-hour series, online editor
  • Discovery — Treasure Quest, 12 episode series, online editor, contributing additional motion graphics elements, supervised security roto tracking
  • History Channel — History Hacker pilot with Bre Pettis, online editor, additional motion graphics, viral marketing; I also created the “Jabbin' Geniuses” fighting toy prop used in the show (coverage: MSNBC, Wired, Laughing Squid, Lifehacker, GeekDad, Hack A Day, and Etsy)
  • Silver Spring Media Arts — Heart & Soul: The Life and Music of Frank Loesser documentary, online editing
  • Lucky Dog Films — Design and installation of two HD edit suites
  • History Channel — History Hunter unaired pilot, additional editing, online editor
  • Animal Planet — Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, Seasons 6 and 7, animated functional maps, online editor
  • Mennonite Central Committee — Coffee, Corn and the Cost of Globalization, English voice dub
  • MRB Films — Design and installation of HD edit suite
  • Almost Reel Productions — Strange as Angels, promotional screener DVD, menu design, encoding
  • History Channel — Digging for the Truth, worked on all 46 episodes in various capacities: Functional map design and motion graphics (seasons 1-3), online editor (all seasons), colorist (partial seasons 2 and 3), offline editor on episodes “Secrets of the Mummies” and “Angkor Wat: The Eighth Wonder”
  • 48 Hour Film Project — “Hit the Bottle,” The Fuzz team member (acting), 2005 Washington DC competition
  • JWM Productions — Workflow design and automation of online editing components
  • National Geographic — Ultimate Explorer,Lost Gold of the Republic,” online editor
  • Discovery Times — Worldwire, US reversion offline and online editor and motion graphics on several episodes
  • Schlessinger Media — Pioneer Life for Kids, 3 episode series, motion graphics
  • 48 Hour Film Project — “Weather Man,” The Fuzz team member (sound), won "Best Film", 2003 Washington DC competition
  • Schlessinger Media — US Geography for Kids, 8 episodes, offline editor and motion graphics
  • JWM Productions — Design, installation and expansion of a 10-suite edit system with centralized routing and SAN capability
  • Lookit-Intense Films — “A Decade of Crap,” compilation DVD, menu design, encoding
  • 48 Hour Film Project — “From Hal to Eternity,” Rebels Without a Clue team leader, honored as "Best of DC", 2002 Washington DC competition
  • Mac Business Solutions — Design, installation and sales of several edit systems; consultation with clients; one-on-one and class-based instruction of students in non-linear editing and graphics production
  • National Institutes of Health — Non-linear editor for six years, producing videos for medical research, public service announcements, patient information videos
  • National Institutes of Health — Live broadcast production, including technical director, camera operator, lighting assistant, grip
  • Jones Intercable — full pre-production, production and post-production of local advertising spots to air on local cable systems

Corporate Video


  • The Omni Group, The Omni Show — Produced 59 episodes of a fortnightly podcast with 5,000+ listeners
  • The Optical — Produced, researched and hosted 26 episodes of a podcast with ~2,500 listeners, covering the history of visual effects and film technology
  • HowTube — creator, producer and editor of geeky video how-to podcasts, also designed logo and cover art (the HowTube name and domain has since been purchased by an unaffiliated company)

Print & Design Credits:

You can see more in my portfolio of print and digital art and design.

  • Sarcastic Voyage and Post Atomic Horror podcasts, print and promotional materials for Emerald City Comicon 2013, as well as Keynote deck for live Post Atomic Horror panel.
  • Post Modem podcastcover art illustration and layout
  • Post Atomic Horror — layout and print-ready production for Unofficial Episode Guide dead-tree book as well as PDF, ePub and Mobi versions of the eBook; also contributing written reviews
  • Sarcastic Voyage Guide to Monsters and Also Robots, print book, created illustrations for PIZZA-BOT and ANTS!
  • Sarcastic Voyage and Post Atomic Horror podcasts, print and promotional materials for Emerald City Comicon 2012
  • — Sarcastic Voyage, Episode 90: “Greena Fey,” photo manipulation and layout of the podcast episode cover, and illustration and layout for the cover of Episode 64: “In Search of Golizza!”
  • Steamer Media — Slide and Film Scanning Adapters, conceived, designed and manufactured custom scanning adapters for old, rare film formats, created from custom laser-cut acrylic parts.
  • C4[3] Conference — Video and You, presentation and slide deck for my Blitz Talk
  • Station in the Metro — iPhone ///gs Wallpaper, as featured by The Iconfactory
  • Steamer Media — 3rd Annual Tiki Party, typography and layout of small posters and a large banner used at the party venue; the illustration used on the posters was by the amazing Travis Pitts
  • Steamer Media — Logo
  • — Tales of the Odd, illustration, color and layout of the cover for Issue #3
  • Ron Watt — Fish Stories, illustration and layout of the book cover
  • Ron Watt — The Sarcastic Verses, illustration and layout of the book cover


As you might expect, I'm on GitHub. I now have permission, so I'm working on open-sourcing some of the code I wrote at The Omni Group (as described below) and posting it to GitHub.

  • Hoku-Tiki, Post Atomic Horror Unofficial Episode Guide — Developed and shipped an iOS app for The Post Atomic Horror Podcast in Objective-C, using UIKit, and accessing RSS network resources to integrate the ongoing podcast episodes with the written Guide. Also designed the website for Hoku-Tiki and the Guide (screenshot, now offline), and designed the app icon.
  • Taught myself Objective-C, Python, JavaScript, and Swift since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, building on life knowledge of 
other programming languages and web technologies like C, C++, Ruby, HTML, and CSS
  • The Omni Group:
    • Sped up App Store screenshots creation by a factor of 20 by building a workflow toolset with JavaScript (Omni Automation), AppleScript, and Python to create localized 
App Store screenshots for all four Omni apps, in 10 different languages
    • Saved editing time by designing a demonstration tool on macOS with Obj-C, later re-written in Swift, to smoothly animate the movement and clicks of the user's cursor, to create repeatable sequences of events to film app demonstrations for videos
    • Saved half an hour of work for each of 50+ podcast episodes by building 
a tool to make "audiogram" video clips of The Omni Show podcast for social media using AppleScript & JavaScript (Adobe ExtendScript)
    • Improved viewer comprehension by creating an automated "finger" animation tool for iOS screencasts, using JavaScript (Expressions) in Adobe After Effects. Now open source, on GitHub
  • Steamer Media, Online editing workflow scripts — Saved an estimated 8–12 hours per show by writing Ruby and Python scripts to automate online finishing workflows, including transcoding clips and correcting interlacing problems by automating tools like ffmpeg, Adobe After Effects, AviSynth, and Apple Compressor
  • The Optical, website — Built with a Python & Django back end, which hosts the podcast for ~2,500 listeners, but also integrates an evolving encyclopedia of visual effects and film technology-related people, groups, and terminology
  • Developed a Python 3 API wrapper for the Letterboxd v0 API.
  • Kilauea Cove, Tiki Mug Volcano — Developed themed environment controllers (on GitHub) and other hobby projects with Python on Raspberry Pi, using technologies including OSC and REST API communication
  • DripBot — A button and LED timer mechanism next to the coffee pot at The Omni Group, which would allow co-workers to both announce fresh coffee in the company chat, and gauge coffee freshness with the timer. Integrated with Mattermost via a webhook REST API, and I also designed the 3D-printed enclosure. Now open source, on GitHub
  • JWM Productions — HTML and JavaScript coding to implement existing design for BESA: The Promise promotional website
  • Scarecrow Video, Volunteer — Scarecrow is the largest publicly-accessible film archive in the world. I am currently starting to learn Unity and C# to develop an in-store kiosk to search and offer a 3D fly-over of the complex archive shelving, to highlight where the user should look for a given video
  • I was a founding member of NSCoderNightDC in 2007, and currently attend Xcoders and NSCoderNight in Seattle as often as I can.