Make:DC LED Cube Workshop

You can read my experience at the workshop in my previous post, but just wanted to post that even making it home without a copy of the instructions, I figured it out, and actually got my cube working. Well, aside from the two dead LEDs, at least.

Here’s a short video of the test, where you can see I have 2 dead LEDs in the middle plane. Guess I should have tested all the LEDs before building the cube, instead of after.

The cube is built on top of a board that connects to headers that plug right in to the Arduino board, and the USB cable leads to my MBP whence I just uploaded the code.

Thanks to Tim Slagle of the local Make:DC group for the test code and putting this project together for the group. I’ll upload some more video once I find a couple of replacement LEDs and work up a fun animation.

UPDATE: Three dead LEDs later, time for some fun flashies:

If you want the Arduino code, you can download it here.

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