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I’ve recently transitioned to using a PC for all of my media transcoding and hosting Plex, so I can keep my Macs unburdened and ready for real work. The only thing is — when Handbrake is compressing something, it pegs all of my CPU cores at 100%, leaving not much left for Plex Media Server […]

For the first time in nearly seven years, I am now unemployed. Yesterday, along with several other people, I was laid off from my job at The Omni Group, and I’m now looking for new work. UPDATE: Here is a link to my resume PDF and my complete CV. First of all, thank you to […]

I tend not to like slasher movies. It saddens me to see humans attacking humans, usually for no good reason. I see that enough in real life. I’d much rather see humans coming together to defeat a common foe, like a monster or a demon, or a ghost. Anything supernatural, really. That’s so much more… […]

TBH, I kinda skimmed through this one, just to see if I’d like to buy the Blu-ray, and boy howdy do I. Everything before the intermission is just lovely, and makes me excited to see the islands that my grandparents saw when they visited. After the break is New Zealand and Australia, with a lot […]

I’d never seen a Quatermass before! Surprised to see that even though this was on VHS from the ’80s, the entire film was letterboxed to the 35mm frame. Charming and fun in much the way that the ’53 War of the Worlds was. Also, I’m now pretty sure that Quatermass’ tweed, bow tie, and hat […]

That was some quality Strode spookums. Better for me than the original, in terms of real scares and suspense, and provides a nice endcap. I’ve never seen any Halloween besides the original, and I still feel no need to visit any of the other 27 sequels. from my Letterboxd

Atmospheric, haunting, good spookums, but ultimately overstays its welcome ever</> so slightly. from my Letterboxd