Copy File Path as Text in Mac OS X

Posting this here because I keep needing to recreate it whenever I start using a new machine:

  • Open Automator.
  • Select the Service template.
  • Set options at the top to “Service receives selected files or folders in Finder.”
  • Drag over “Copy to Clipboard.”
  • Save the service with a name like “Copy Path.”

That’s it! Now you can right-click on any selection in the Finder (even multiple selections) and select Services > Copy Path and then paste the text anywhere you like.

You can also use the keyboard system preferences to assign a custom hot key such as Option-Command-C to the service, so you can invoke it directly.

To do this: System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services > Files and Folders > Copy Path > Add Shortcut. I usually use ⌥⌘C (but only because ⇧⌘C is default for Go > Computer).

Some details via this post on CNET.

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