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Dear Apple, I just started a new preditor job, and since FCP 7 is never coming back (as long as I tried to cling to it), I had to decide whether to go with FCPX or Premiere CC. Premiere CC seems closer to what I want in an editor, but since it also crashes like […]

Recently, a few developers were having a discussion on ADN about a promo video for a new iPad app. Uli Kusterer raised the point that the video was missing something: fingers. It was hard for him to tell what was a tap, and what was something that was merely happening as normal in the app. […]

Several people have encouraged me recently, since I have feet in both the video production and Mac & iOS development camps, to blog about video production for developers. On September 26, 2009, I gave a Blitz Talk at the C4[3] developer conference entitled Video and You, intended to give developers some quick guidelines and tips […]

Apple asked me today how I liked my Final Cut Pro. Aside from a few multiple choice questions about apps and formats and what I do for a living, these were the essay questions: Why are you very dissatisfied with Final Cut Pro X? I have used Final Cut Pro 7 for years in a […]

I’m almost loathe to write anything up about Final Cut Pro X at this point. There’s been so much wailing and gnashing of teeth (and joking) about it, plus a couple of over overly rosy reviews, but I figure one more voice from a more centrist position can’t hurt. However, note that I’ve only played […]

Remember that Amazon spec ad I produced a while back? Well, at the suggestion of my friend Jose, I’ve revisited it with this behind-the-scenes video that shows how each of the effects shots were built. Attack of the Giant Amazon: Behind the Scenes from Mark Boszko on Vimeo.

Update to Final Cut Studio applications today on 15 September, including these lovelies (among others): FCP: Closed captioning data is now preserved when outputting to AJA Io HD with Print to Tape/Video. FCP: XML export now retains the carriage return when working with text and third-party applications. FCP: Several memory fragmentation issues have been resolved. […]