You can buy these things.

Post Atomic Horror Unofficial Star Trek™ Episode Guide

Hey, did I mention that I launched an iPhone app in the App Store a couple of weeks ago? I don’t think I did.

The Post Atomic Horror Unofficial Episode Guide is a fun and humorous guide to the all of the Star Trek™ adventures featuring the original crew. It helps you keep track of which episodes you’ve watched, and offers easy access to the comedy review podcast, the Post Atomic Horror.

You don’t have to be a Trekkie to love this app: Let my good friends, podcastronauts Ron “AAlgar” Watt and Matt Rowbotham, be your guides to the incredible world of Trek — and listen to them joke while they watch the bad episodes, so you don’t have to.

Buy it now on the App Store!

This app contains written content from the Post Atomic Horror’s first book, The Post Atomic Horror Unofficial Episode Guide, volume one. The book also has bonus content, and artwork by Ramon Villalobos. Check it out!

PAH Guide app screenshot

Meaty Legend

For the C4[3] conference this year, Wolf asked us to vote on the pizza topping set of our choice, and one of the choices— one might say the best choice— was Meaty Legend. Really, who can pass up a chance at some legendary meat?

Note that these designs are completely unauthorized and unofficial, and are in no way endorsed by the C4 conference or Jonathan “Wolf” Rentzsch. But if you like ‘em, click on the tees above to visit Spreadshirt to purchase.

These— plus a bonus image!— are also available as desktop pictures (click to link to the full-size versions):