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Post Atomic Horror Unofficial Star Trek™ Episode Guide

Hey, did I mention that I launched an iPhone app in the App Store a couple of weeks ago? I don’t think I did. The Post Atomic Horror Unofficial Episode Guide is a fun and humorous guide to the all of the Star Trek™ adventures featuring the original crew. It helps you keep track of

Meaty Legend

For the C4[3] conference this year, Wolf asked us to vote on the pizza topping set of our choice, and one of the choices— one might say the best choice— was Meaty Legend. Really, who can pass up a chance at some legendary meat? Note that these designs are completely unauthorized and unofficial, and are

[[NSNapoleon alloc] init];

Commemorating the legendary consumption of Strawberry Napoleons at the NSCoderNightDC meetings at La Madeleine in Bethesda.


Inspired by @amyjane‘s tweet in February of 2008 about her husband falling down the stairs, which kicked off months of geeks in the Mac community using the word “Jiminy!” as the exclamation du jour. This is the tee that I sketched out a design for over a year ago, but just finally got around to

Station in the Metro Logoware

Mainly because I wanted them for myself, there are now a few items available with the Station in the Metro logo “M” at my SpreadShirt store.

The Bouffant of Knowledge

Chris Breen, Macworld writer and The Bouffant of Knowledge, as referred to by The Macalope. Buy a T-shirt or a button at CafePress! Download the desktop picture. The desktop pic is sized to fit up to the 30″ Apple Cinema HD Display. On all other displays, simply select “Fill Screen” in the Desktop preference pane,