South Seas Adventure, 1958 – ★★★★

TBH, I kinda skimmed through this one, just to see if I’d like to buy the Blu-ray, and boy howdy do I. Everything before the intermission is just lovely, and makes me excited to see the islands that my grandparents saw when they visited. After the break is New Zealand and Australia, with a lot… Continue reading South Seas Adventure, 1958 – ★★★★

Quatermass and the Pit, 1967 – ★★★

I’d never seen a Quatermass before! Surprised to see that even though this was on VHS from the ’80s, the entire film was letterboxed to the 35mm frame. Charming and fun in much the way that the ’53 War of the Worlds was. Also, I’m now pretty sure that Quatermass’ tweed, bow tie, and hat… Continue reading Quatermass and the Pit, 1967 – ★★★