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Learning to Discard

Funny how once you become focused on a thing, you start to notice occurrences of it everywhere. This week, a bit of serendipity came in the form of this letter from Nick Disabato, talking about how he’s been learning to discard things, and being more intentional about the things he chooses to be part of


I had a conversation with my friend AAl on Twitter, regarding 2,051 emails in my inbox: It’s a stream from which I pluck the occasional tasty salmon. It’s not all Things I Have to Deal With. So… it’s like The Den. Filled mostly with stuff you don’t need, but maybe one thing might be useful?

What the Hell My Problems Are

I’ve been thinking for quite a while now that, while I continue to aspire to accomplishments that I feel I am perfectly capable of, as of late I have: Not been making very much progress toward these goals, and Feeling like I have less and less time in which to accomplish them. I have since


I realized this morning, with all this GTD stuff, I’ve been expecting myself to change very quickly, and for the world to suddenly become a happy shiny place, all because I’m not just letting papers (and emails) pile up all over the place, willy-nilly. I don’t really need to turn my life around on a

Ultimatums to Myself

Well, the three of you who actually read this column regularly may have noticed that I took quite a hiatus the past few weeks, and unannounced at that. Some of you have even expressed concern that somehow the Earth’s gravitation pull had lost its effect on me, and that I might have been somehow flung