So… this bottlecap from my Nantucket Nectars lemonade says “Christopher and Rebecca Sears, of Bedford, N.H., have collected hundreds of Nantucket Nectars bottlecaps.” I suppose they’d have to be as bored as I am right now. Bored enough to resort to actually posting something in my blog to pass the time. Thankfully, Lauri interrupts me to ask what effervescent means. So, I pull up (Merriam-Webster, the best damn dictionary ever), and out comes:

Main Entry: ef·fer·vesce

Pronunciation: “e-f&r-‘ves

Function: intransitive verb

Inflected Form(s): -vesced; -vesc·ing

Etymology: Latin effervescere, from ex- + fervescere to begin to boil, inchoative of fervEre to boil — more at BREW

Date: 1784

1 : to bubble, hiss, and foam as gas escapes

2 : to show liveliness or exhilaration

– ef·fer·ves·cence /-‘ve-s&n(t)s/ noun

– ef·fer·ves·cent /-s&nt/ adjective

Indeed. Like I said, all bubbly an’ shit.