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OS X update. Seeing Mac programmers becoming Unix programmers as well, and vice-versa. Press likes it

12 month transition period (on a clock face). At 6 o'clock in September, 10.1 shipped. Now it's 9 o'clock. Now there's tons of apps (>2500). Office:mac for X shipped last quarter, Steve applauds Microsoft. Next: Adobe. The Executive Vice President of Adobe, Shantanu Narayen, comes up on stage to remind you how important Adobe is to you, and to beg humbly for your forgiveness for taking so long to come to Mac OS X. After Effects 5.5 is now shipping (YAY!). Demos of Illustrator 10, Indesign 2.0 (supports native photoshop files with transparency), GoLive 6.0... and FINALLY! Photoshop. ("Almost here!") Demoing AppleScript with Photoshop, building the Fellowship of the Rings release poster. New Spell Check in PShop. Adobe calls themselves "the poster child for Apps on OS X." HA!