My Heroes!

Another officer from the Gaithersburg City Police stopped by last night, and showed me some pictures of my missing items, which ended up being:

  • my Pioneer stereo,
  • a small priority mail box that contained a cell phone I had sold on eBay (or, rather, the contents of said box, which had been discarded at some point along the way),
  • a car battery booster pak— being the reason they linked the case to mine, since I had my last name, “BOSZKO” written across some bright yellow tape on it,
  • my dark grey winter jacket, which one of the “perps” was wearing overtop his own, thinner jacket, but unfortunately not…
  • a plastic bin with lid that contained a large number of bungee cords and those big intensely yellow strap-downs. I’ll certinaly miss those bungees.

The prevailing theory is that my car was broken into somewhere around 2am to 3am, and shortly thereafter, they were caught at a later robbery with my things, and a few other people’s car stereos. Somewhere after that point, a human vulture came along, popped the trunk, and took advantage of the situation. So… looks like I’ll be getting most of that stuff back when I drop by the police station tomorrow afternoon— that would, of course, be after a court appearance for a dispute with my landlord… but that’s another story.