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Sony PlayStation 2A good friend of mine just got me a frikkin' Playstation 2 for Festivus!

I... am... speechless. That is perhaps the coolest gift anyone's ever given me.




So, on the way home from the EB where this fantastic gift was purchased in plain sight, we stopped again at Best Buy, because we realized I'd also need a memory card, and perhaps a game or two. I bought these items myself (I got GTA: Vice City and XIII), along with a couple of swingin' xmas albums. We then went back to my place and I stayed up 'til 1:00am trying to escape from a beachfront area (I was being chased by people who thought I had killed President Kenned-- err... Sheridan) and just generally running amuck in Maim-- err... Vice City. I had a blast, and my friend (whom, since he is trying to stay as off-the-grid as possible while still living in a metropolitan area, shall remain nameless) eventually crashed on the futon in the living room.

It was a good night. 😀