(Lea)rning Japanese

So, I’d like to learn Japanese. I’d also like to learn Gaelic, and Latin, and take acting lessons and… there’s something else that The Evil Schmoo and I both want to take classes for. I can’t recall what it is now.

Anyway, I was looking on Peter Payne’s web page (he’s the guy who also runs J-list), and that got me bounced around to a number of books from his Amazon links page, and I’ve got quite the game plan lined up, methinks. I’d also like to take a real live Japanese course at some point as well, and I figure I can keep up on things with various manga and anime in Japanese.

But, I digress…

I also found on Peter’s page, this list of quotes, mostly from his ESL students, but this one from his gaijin friend Max really brings up a unique point:

American porn has bad background music, Japanese porn dosen’t. I think we could tell a lot about the difference between the two cultures if we could figure out what that means.

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