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I know this is an old question, but what is it, really, that makes us-- collectively as average Americans-- glorify the stylized violence of football (which is, honestly, pretty tame, but stick with me here...) and yet shun the simple appearance of a woman's single breast (NSFW) on the most watched four-plus hours of globally broadcast TV as "vulgar," "sick" or "depraved?"

Beats me.

By the by, TiVo launched a press release stating that the Great Timberlake/Jackson "Wardrobe Malfunction" of Twenty-Ought-Four was the "Most Replayed Moment TiVo Has Ever Measured."

My take? Planned, but not approved. Janet's private little publicity stunt for her upcoming album, and-- coincidence of coincidences-- her label moved the release of her new single up to today, instead of tomorrow. Plus, it's not a pastie. It's a little something called a nipple shield (NSFW). She says only the leather and not the red lace was supposed to come off? Check the post-rippage evidence, Ms. Jackson (if you're nasty). The red lace is only a decorative trim on the edge of the leather cup. There's nothing to leave.

Anyway, it was a fun little diversion, "crass" and "deplorable" as it may be. (So say the "Halftime is Family Hour" crowd, never you mind all the sexed-up bodice-ripping that happened in the half hour pre-Janet.) What I find truly offensive is that supposedly now there's going to be a massive government investigation into Janet's nip-slip. Unless she's harboring Osama bin Laden in her cleavage, I'm about to be one pissed-off taxpayer.

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  1. Good point about the big deal over the partial breast shot versus the hours of glorified violence (and I don’t mean Justin T’s singing and dancing–HA!). I think what Janet should have done was have a little message or two connected to the breast shield that read “Enjoy the second half of Super Bowl 38…and buy my record). I mean really, all this static for a partial shot and they move her record release up one day!

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