Enterprise Season Finale

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I apologize in advance for my lack of decorum, but...


Agreed, it was an excellent episode, but--- Nazi aliens? They'd better f'n have something planned to wrap that up without exploding my brain.

My guess is that's the cliffhanger they were planning before they knew they were renewing for a new season, and figured it'd generate a write-in campaign of extraordinary magnitude.


Three more weeks of Deadwood, then no more good TV 'til Six Feet Under picks back up.

You have our gratitude.

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  1. There have been those who pointed out that there are actually two more weeks of Deadwood, and not three, but they have failed to take into account that I TiVo something else in that Sunday night timeslot, and therefore don’t get to see Deadwood ’til the Thursday night repeat.

    Time to get another TiVo, I suppose.

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