Yes, Redesigning Yet Again

This post was published more than a few years ago (on 2004-05-30) and may contain inaccurate technical information, outmoded thoughts, or cringe takes. Proceed at your own risk.

I've moved the blog over to WordPress, which is the successor to the b2 weblog software I used to use to power this very site. I'm also cleaning up a lot of old posts that haven't been tidied up since this site was hand-coded (and had a really crappy design) back in '99, plus I'm re-designing the site yet again. Colors, fonts, layout, and a new logo will be appearing over the remainder of the holiday weekend, with more little tweaks sure to come.

Anyway, not that anyone is really paying attention, but didn't want to alarm anyone.

Besides, if you really want to remember the old site fondly, there's the previous boblog and retro sites archived for your viewing pleasure. Heck, if I manage to find the ol' 1999 site, I'll throw it up here too.

Aww... shucks. I'm never too busy to take a moment out to embarrass myself for no good reason. 😉

Well, thinks are pretty much how I want them as far as design now. Not quite as personal as it might be, but I'm sure I'll be tweaking here and there. Still to go:

  • Category icons--- Looks like this is a bug--- right now I can't pull the category name or number to tie an icon to. Supposedly this will be fixed in the next .0.1 release.
  • Amazon links--- I may have to write my own plugin for this, as what I've seen out there so far doesn't really meet my needs. that'll be better anyway, giving me a chance to gain some plugin-writing experience, and then I can roll it into a custom review module as well.
  • RSS parsing--- I'd like to add some feeds to my page, mainly links to upcoming movies, DVD releases, etc. Low on the priority list at this point.
  • More tidying--- There's still a lot of old posts that have bad formatting, bad special characters, etc.. These will be dealt with in time.

That's it for me for the weekend--- tomorrow I'll be enjoying the day off playing with the kids, and testing out printing some DVD-R faces in the cheapo Epson printer I just picked up for that purpose. Wheeeee!