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Pocket Weather ForecasterHave any of you ever seen this? I came across it when I was doing some "spring cleaning." --- It's a little paper weather forecaster with cutouts and a sliding paper chart for your region of the country inside. The idea is that you line up the paper with what kind of clouds you see, and what direction the wind is blowing, and you get a forcast for the next 12-36 hours. I recall getting this when I visited the Wright brothers' museum in Kitty Hawk, NC when I was a kid. Can't say I admit to using it much, but it still seems like a pretty cool little dingus.

If anyone knows who makes these now, I would be very interested in hearing about it. I looked up the various copyright bylines online ("Cover Design ©1979 Weather Products," inside page "©1974 Weather Trends, Inc."), but whoever they are, if they still exist, don't seem to have any sort of web presence.

2 thoughts on “Pocket Weather Forecaster”

  1. Jaileen Panger

    I have been looking for this very thing myself!!
    With no results yet! Other than you.
    Can I buy that from ya?

  2. I have one (purchased decades ago, now quite well worn) and have been looking as well.
    Mine was specifically printed for Canada, and I’d hoped to find a U.S. and Can. one.


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