All access IP addresses appear as my own

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A question for the LazyWeb:

This is probably something pretty stupid, and likely stems from the fact that I'm not yet that experienced in Unix administration, but...

For whatever reason, when I get an email from my WordPress blog install to approve (or more likely disapprove and delete) a new comment that might be spam, the Whois address given for the IP is always the IP of my server, not that of the person posting. I've looked through the "Edit > Comments" section of the blog admin, and ALL of the comments list my server's IP as the IP of the submitter.

Now obviously there's something wrong with either how the IPs are being logged, or how my server is getting the IP address. Since other folks seem to be logging external IPs just fine, I must assume it's something more basic with my server's setup. I'm using Mac OS X Server 10.3.4, and using the built-in apache, PHP, MySQL etc. installations. Nothing really special there... Any ideas on what I should look for to resolve this issue? Thanks!

By the way, I tried disabling the performance cache for the virtual host that's having this issue, but that did not seem to change anything, aside from getting rid of the annoying :16080 address issue.

3 thoughts on “All access IP addresses appear as my own”

  1. I was browsing google to find out about “getting rid of the annoying :16080 address issue” of my own, when it brought up your site. When I looked I couldn’t imediately see the blog that it was referring to, I used you search facility and typed in “:16080/” this broke your php script, thought you’d like to know. When I reloaded the site and re-searched without the trailing forward slash it worked OK.

    Anyway off to disable the performance cache on my Web Server.

    P.S. The warning in each of articles was:

    Warning: Unknown modifier ” in /Library/WebServer/stationinthemetro/wp-content/plugins/google-hilite.php on line 107.

    in it.

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