NAB 2005 Day -1

This post was published more than a few years ago (on 2005-04-18) and may contain inaccurate technical information, outmoded thoughts, or cringe takes. Proceed at your own risk.

This morning was the Apple "Special Event", at which they reminded us of Tiger's emminent release (with QuickTime 7, including 24 simultaneous audio track capture!), and announced the new versions of Final Cut Pro 5 (with Multicam and native HDV support), Motion 2 (whose most impressive new feature seems to be its ability to use MIDI input for live manipulation of effects parameters), Soundtrack Pro (an impressive new product for mixing and sound design) and DVD Studio Pro 4 (which does HD-DVD authoring).

After, at Apple's champagne brunch, we met up with our fourth, a producer colleague, and then headed back to our respective hotels (his, the Excalibur, which our producer friend repeatly referred to as "a dump"). After a few minutes of wailing and gnashing of teeth while I tried to poke a contact lens into my eye (hampered by my out-of-comission left index digit, due to an unfortunate incident involving a poster, some extra margins, a boxcutter, and lack of sleep), we convened at the River Pool where we were intended to hash out tomorrow's vendor checklist, but instead generally relaxed, splashed around, and entertained ourselves by monitoring the progression of whom we could only assume to be some sort of adult entertainer to a total of seven fairly buff male hangers-on.

After a bit of a catnap, we got the in-room broadband working (as you see) and then set off for a fabulously lavish dinner at Nobhill, where the majority of us enjoyed the house specialty of Lobster Pot Pie-- a pot pie in name only, where the crust was secured to the outer rim of the cooking pot, the contents of which were ladeled out in front of us to great delight. The claw meat was especially delicious, and so was the lemon themed dessert sampler which followed. I must admit I hogged the lemon merengue, but in fairness I proclaimed my lust for it a number of times before dessert was ordered.

To finish off, bumped up my winnings about fifteen bucks on various slots, then another $60 at roulette. Yay!

Drinks: (2) Champagne at Apple's brunch, an unknown beer at the pool, a glass each of Au Bon Pinot Noir and 'Saint Martin' Chablis at Nobhill, and a B-52 while at the the MGM slots
Running total: Up $15.75

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  1. Well, the boss was already gone to get it by the time I got down there, and when he got back, he didn’t volunteer the information. 😛

  2. Ah. I thought “unknown” meant “Woah, how did this get in my mouth?”
    (which really isn’t such an outlandish question in Vegas.)

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