U.S. Route 1

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US Route 1 ShieldThis post sees the introduction of both a new category: ‘roadtrips’, a new subcategory: ‘usroute1’ and a new public Wiki to go with it: usroute1.pbwiki.com. This is all because in a couple of weeks, I'll be flying down to Florida to retrieve the car that my parents are giving us, and taking a road trip back to DC from there. Instead of doing yet another I-95 speed run, I've decided to make it a more leisurely trip and do something I've wanted to for a long time --- take U.S. Route 1.

US 1 runs 2,390 miles from Key West, Florida in the south, to Fort Kent, Maine at the Canadian border in the north. My trip this summer will be the section between Daytona Beach, FL and Washington, DC --- I'll have to come back for the rest later.

I've got a couple of weeks to plan the trip, and I'm looking for any suggestions as to great places to stop --- be it great eats, attractions, or just plain pretty scenery --- along the way. If you have a place you'd recommend, please enter a comment here, make an entry on the Wiki, or just email me at [email redacted].