Sony eReader, First Impressions

This post was published more than a few years ago (on 2007-01-27) and may contain inaccurate technical information, outmoded thoughts, or cringe takes. Proceed at your own risk.

I was just finally shipped my Sony eReader, which I ordered a few months ago. It’s the one with the “revolutionary” new e-paper screen, and the horrible Mac compatibility. I have yet to get it sync’d to my Mac, and I’m working on 2 options to do so: 1.) Running Windows in Parallels and/or BootCamp, and 2.) Installing a very convoluted open-source solution that runs on the Mac natively, but doesn’t allow you to buy Sony’s eBook format, but will allow you to install text and PDF books, along with a few other features. Once I get things syncing, I’ll do a full review here and at Epinions, but here’s my initial impressions.