Wireless Phone Insurance with Cingular Wireless

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So, I’m reading over my cell phone bill— which I never really do since it’s on auto-pay, and I pretty much just ignore it— and I notice that I’m being charged for insurance on my wife’s RAZR, but not on my Treo. Since I requested coverage for both of them when we upgraded last year, this was a surprise. So, I write Cingular up, and say, “hey, why am I only being charged for one? They’re both covered, right?” And I get in reply:

2 thoughts on “Wireless Phone Insurance with Cingular Wireless”

  1. Turns out they’re going to cover it under warranty, so I should be getting a shiny new Treo shortly. Just in time to have it for a month before I dump it for an iPhone, I’d wager.

  2. Got a call from Cingular (or rather, my phone never rang, and they left a voicemail) saying that Palm-based phones are not covered by the insurance company they use, and Cingular has no control over that. Which seems odd, since before the upgrade, I had a Treo 600 that was covered for a long time. Guess it changed. So now, I guess my only option to fix my broken shift key is to get a warranty exchange, or failing that, rip it open and fix it myself.

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