Automator bug in Rename Finder Items

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I’ve been building a backup workflow in Automator for my daily Final Cut Pro editing projects, and I ran into a little glitch. If I use the Rename Finder Items action in a workflow, then try to put another action after it that references the now-renamed file, I get errors which seem to indicate that Rename Finder Items is not passing the renamed file reference on to the next action, but instead the original reference that was passed into it.

3 thoughts on “Automator bug in Rename Finder Items”

  1. Dave Denson

    I ran into this problem after turning on FileVault. Un-vaulting my home directory fixed this problem.

    Somebody should probably tell Apple about this issue…

  2. i found a solution to this: just add the action “get selected finder items” after the renaming action(s) and it will do without an error.

  3. That doesn’t work for me. Sure, it runs without error, but it renames whatever was the last thing I selected in the Finder, and not the new Archive that I want it to rename. Also, none of the files or folders I’m working with are FileVault’d, so I doubt that’s the issue for me.

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