MacBook Pro Screen Looks Drunk

So, I’m noticing over the weekend, parts of my screen look… fuzzy. Like out of focus. Like perhaps the whole glass-LCD-backlight thing has gone out and partied and had a bit too much to drink— like throwing-up-in-the-gutter, epic levels of alcohol intake— and the next morning it wakes up and says, “crap, I really still can’t even see straight, let alone keep all my layers glued together to give that crisp, in-focus look that I’m usually so good at.”

Has anyone seen this on their MBP? Because I thought maybe I was crazy, but I’m pretty sure now that it’s not me, it’s the Mac, and like a steering wheel in a Scotsman’s pants, it’s driving me nuts.

UPDATE: I figured out what it was when I bumped my cursor into the corner of the screen… and it moved. Seems when I last used the ctrl-scroll trick to zoom in on a chunk of my screen, when I zoomed out, I went back to 100.00001% scale, instead of 100%, thus the wonky display. Hopefully this entry to the Googlepedia may help some other poor soul who does the same stupid trick.