iPhone Points

iPhone Points
iPhone Points

So far, the iPhone is 95% joy, and 5% infuriating. Some of the high (and low) points:

  • It’s incredibly scratch-resistant.
  • Bluetooth hands-free headsets work incredibly well. Well, at least my JawBone does.
  • No to-dos. Ta-da Lists have a nice iPhone-specific interface now, but I still want some sort of OmniFocus-like GTD task list for this thing.
    UPDATE: Omni is working on a personalized iPhone access solution for OmniFocus, but it’s still a ways from being truly useful. I’ve also been led to believe by someone at the Apple Store that more functionality in this area will be coming around the same time as Leopard.
  • The built-in alarms and countdown timer actually work like they should, waking the iPhone if it’s off or popping up a notification on top of whatever app you’re using when the time comes. I never had luck with that on my Treo, so that’s a great thing.
  • MobileMail now shows a couple of emails that say “This message has not been downloaded from the server”— even though I may have actually read them once already— and I have no idea how to make them download. The little “reload” curved arrow in the lower left doesn’t seem to do anything here.
    UPDATE: This seems to have to do with how Gmail (and possibly other email servers) deal with multiple reader clients. See the comments for details.
  • When transferring your account details from your Mac, Gmail-hosted domain accounts don’t come over properly, since the iPhone assumes it’s a regular Gmail accound, and appends a non-removable “@gmail.com” to all my user name settings. I had to manually set up my email settings on the phone to work around this.
  • There is odd behavior when editing a text field in landscape mode. In that mode, there’s such a tiny space between the virtual keyboard and the top of the screen, the little magnifier loupe that pops up to help you position your cursor actually falls off the top of the screen, making it useless.
    UPDATE: The Apple Genius’ solution is just to scroll the text field so it’s a little lower on the screen. A small thing, but it still bugs me.
  • The headphone jack is sunken into the top of the iPhone and has a bezel around is that restricts the size of the 1/8″ plug you can fit in it. So far, every 1/8″ plug I’ve tried other than the Apple-supplied headphones won’t fit in it. I may have to buy another set of Apple phones to cannibalize to make an adapter cable.
    UPDATE: Apple Stores already have an adapter cable in stock for $9.99.
  • Seems to have frozen a couple of times when I tried to edit the name of a recurring event in my Calendar, and hitting “Save” actually seemed to save a new copy of the event, so I had a duplicate. But at least that got me out of the freeze.
  • I really, really like the list view in the Calendar. I wish iCal had that.

I’m still reading the manual (which doesn’t come printed, but as a PDF you can download from Apple’s iPhone Support page), so maybe I’ll come up with answers for some of these yet.