iPhone ///gs

The new iPhone announced on Monday is officially called the “iPhone 3G S” by Apple, but others (myself included) immediately started calling it the “///gs” — a combination of the Apple ///, and the Apple ][gs, two early pre-Macintosh Apple computers.

This was too good an idea to pass up, so I’ve created iPhone and Desktop wallpaper for both a completely retro “iphone ///gs” design, and one that combines the retro with a little bit of modern shiny look.

Just click on the thumbnails below to view the full-size version, which you can drag straight to your desktop to save.

As always, the Apple logo (six-color or otherwise) is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc..

iPhone ///gs Desktop Retro (2560x1600)

iPhone ///gs Desktop Modern (2560x1600)

iPhone ///gs Retro (320x480)
iPhone ///gs Retro (320×480)
iPhone ///gs Modern (320x480)
iPhone ///gs Modern (320×480)

Here’s the SVG, if you want to make something of your own:

iPhone IIIgs SVG

4 thoughts on “iPhone ///gs”

  1. I can’t help nitpicking: the Apple IIGS wasn’t in fact released before the Macintosh. It was released in September 1986, when the first Mac was released in January 1984. The Apple /// was released sometime in 1980 if memory serves, so at least that bit’s right 🙂

    – Alex

  2. Alex,

    Yes, I knew the IIGS shipped after the Macintosh, but the Apple I, ][, and /// were for the most part pre-Mac tech, and I was trying not to bore everyone with a history lesson before I got the the actual point of the post. But yes, absolutely correct. 🙂

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