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This post was published more than a few years ago (on 2009-06-24) and may contain inaccurate technical information, outmoded thoughts, or cringe takes. Proceed at your own risk.

It used to be that I trusted Speakeasy’s Speed Test for accurate network measurements, but in light of recent results, I tend to trust Speedtest.net a lot more. To wit, these are the results from our recent switch to Comcast “Blast” broadband service (taken in alternating tests between the test services):

I understand Comcast does some sort of “speed boost” think that boosts the speed of the first part of a download or upload event, so I wonder if that accounts for the discrepancy. Perhaps Speakeasy doesn’t transfer as much data and therefore only gets the boosted speed and not something closer to the average? In any event, in a given measure of network speed, I tend to believe the lower number. Besides, Speedtest.net’s results images are prettier:


What service do you use to test your network speed? Is there any evidence to think one is more accurate than another?

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