Attack of the Giant Amazon!

Attack of the Giant Amazon!
Attack of the Giant Amazon!

This is the final version of a spec spot that we produced for the 2009 “Your Amazon Ad Contest”, and submitted on 28 July 2009. Sadly we did not make the final five, but I encourage you to go vote on the ones that did. (The contest has since long ended.)

The vimeo version is embedded above, and it has also been posted to YouTube. Please feel free to share it far and wide.

Enormous thanks to the entire cast and crew:

  • Mark Boszko: Writer, Director, Co-Producer, Director of Photography, Grip, Background Actor (“Man Standing Agape”, “Foil Man”), Editor, VFX Artist, Colorist
  • Doug Koztoski: Co-writer, Co-Producer, 2nd Unit DoP, Grip, Background Actor (“Running Man #1, #3 & #4”, “Director”)
  • Sarah Thomason: Actor (“Amazon Woman”), Grip
  • Carlos Hip: Cantonese Translator, Actor (“Executive Producer”), Grip
  • Marivic Tagala: Actor (“EP’s Assistant”)
  • Jose Vazquez: Background Actor (“Boom Operator’), Boom Operator, Grip, VFX Assistant
  • Rob Rhyne: Background Actor (“Actor with Kindle”), Grip
  • David Brown: Background Actor (“Running Man #2”)

Thanks also to Tom Schmidt for his VFX critiques, and to Buzz Andersen for his “Buzzhelm Scream” which we used for the man running from his car.