Holiday Cards 2023

If you received a holiday card from us this year, your card features a unique collection of snowflakes that was drawn especially for you by a robot (with a very generous helping of assistance from a real live human being).

Three white postcards, with randomly generated snowflakes drawn on them in a green ink with a red sheen.

The particular set of snowflakes, their position, and rotation were uniquely generated for each card with code by Dan Catt, and drawn by an Axidraw pen plotter with a Rotring Isograph technical pen. Here is a short time-lapse of a card being drawn:

This video is only :30, but drawing a card actually takes about 15 minutes.

The ink used in the pen is KWZ Sheen Machine 2, which is a green ink with a red sheen in certain angles of the light, which seemed appropriate for this holiday project. The ink used in this project was a gift sample from my pal Daphne Mir — thanks!

I was out of town, visiting with a close family member who has been in the hospital, so I didn't get them out as early as I wanted, but it feels good to get them out to you, even if they're delayed.

❄️ ❄️ ❄️ Happy holidays! ❄️ ❄️ ❄️

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