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To celebrate my friends’ podcast, Post Atomic Horror, hitting 100 episodes, I translated 99 Luftballons into Klingon. Because, SCIENCE! Please note that I am not a native speaker of the Klingon Language, so several evenings with Okrand’s Klingon Dictionary let to this probably-horrible translation. The complete lyrics (with english translation): poHlIj’a’ (do you have time) […]

As I think I may have mentioned before, I’ve become my family’s Family Photo Archivist, scanning in decades and decades of prints, film negatives and slides, and trying to get them in a web-based solution where everyone else in the family who is so inclined can access them for viewing, printing, and also to assist […]

The theme from the old LucasArts game Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders seems to be especially popular for latter-day remixes. Case in point — I was digitizing an old mixtape, and discovered I had both a basic remix and a “House” version created as Amiga MOD Tracker remixes by a friend of mine, Mark […]

I just wanted to get down my thoughts on the finale of Battlestar Galactica while they’re fresh in my head. Keep in mind that my mind is like a sieve, and I’ve likely forgotten critical points presented earlier in the series, and I may need to be gently reminded by your thoughtful comments.

There will be MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE FINALE IN THIS POST, so please do be aware of that before moving on. Spoilers begin after the jump.

I never thoughtThat you would be so fragile Your skin, your face,Unscratchable, they saidI put you to the test. You survived.For a while. Marks appeared.A few careless drops to the concretebroke your jawYour vibratorrattling loose inside your chest I thought I could fix youBut I just made you worse. Alas, this was not a defect […]

After Effects Anaglyphic 3D Video, originally uploaded by bobtiki. First test of using two Flip Video Ultra cameras to record stereo (3D) video. The cameras were gaffer-taped to a hard metal ruler with the lenses separated by three inches — more than a realistic intra-ocular distance, but I thought it might work out well to […]