SalwI’mey HutmaH Hut

This post was published more than a few years ago (on 2012-10-10) and may contain inaccurate technical information, outmoded thoughts, or cringe takes. Proceed at your own risk.

To celebrate my friends' podcast, Post Atomic Horror, hitting 100 episodes, I translated 99 Luftballons into Klingon. Because, SCIENCE!

Please note that I am not a native speaker of the Klingon Language, so several evenings with Okrand's Klingon Dictionary let to this probably-horrible translation.

The complete lyrics (with english translation):

poHlIj'a' (do you have time)
soH lut jIja' (I tell you a story)
SalwI'meyvam HutmaH Hut (about 99 things which ascend (balloons))
chalDaq ghoSchaj (their course toward the sky)
chaq sIbI' choQub'a' (are you perhaps thinking of me right now)
soH lut jIja' (I tell you a story)
SalwI'meyvam HutmaH Hut (about 99 balloons)
quvHa' 'e'vo'moH (from this, caused disaster)

SalwI'mey HutmaH Hut (99 balloons)
chalDaq ghoSchaj (their course toward the sky)
bong ejDo nov legh nuchpu' (cowards accidentally see them as alien starships)
chal lughoSpu' may'Dujmey (battle cruisers proceed toward the sky)
o ngeHpu' Sa' (a general sent them)
Datu'chugh jughuHmoH (if you discover them, you warn us)
neh luHoppu' (far away, they were)
SalwI'mey HutmaH Hut Datu'pu' (they discovered only 99 balloons)

may'Dujmey HutmaH Hut (99 battle cruisers)
vajpu' oDun Hoch (everyone are great warriors)
Kirk Hud luQagh (they mistake themselves for Captain Kirk)
jorpu' (explosion happened)
jorwI' luyajpu' jilpu' (the neighbors didn't understand the explosions)
jilpu' obuQpu' SalwI'mey (balloons threatened the neighbors)
lubaH jilpu' (neighbors fire torpedoes)
SalwI'mey HutmaH Hut lughoSpu' cha (the torpedoes proceeded toward 99 balloons)

Qangpu' HutmaH Hut (99 chancellors)
qul 'ej SIp (fire and gasoline)
ovalHa' Qangpu' (the chancellors are non-clever)
Huch lulargh chaH (they smell money)
may' lura'pu' chaH (they ordered battle)
quv laneHpu chaH (they wanted honor)
pIch oghaj (it's the fault of)
SalwI'mey HutmaH Hut (99 balloons)

veSDISmey HutmaH Hut (99 war-years)
Qaw'pu' Hoch (everything is destroyed)
luHeghpu' Qangpu' (the chancellors dies)
Qaw'pu' je may'Dujmey (the battle cruisers are also destroyed)
jIlengtaH jIH (I am roaming)
yuQpIgh vIlegh (I see the planet-ruins)
SalwI' vItu' (I find a balloon)
qaQub 'ej SalwI' vIbaH (I think of you and I launch the balloon)