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When Jan de Bont released Twister in May of 1996, he probably thought he was being sneaky. He probably didn’t expect anyone to figure out that he’d made a horror film in which the monster represents the death of heteronormativity in the American nuclear family structure. He probably thought he got away with it. Well, […]

An independent American-Brazilian research project is attempting to measure English vocabulary sizes according to age and education, and whether or not you’re a native speaker. I tested myself, and they estimate my vocabulary size at around 33,000 words which, according to them, is upper range of average for native English speakers. Interestingly, even they say […]

I find it hard to believe than anyone who follows me here doesn’t also follow me on Twitter or Facebook or somesuch, so you’ve probably already heard way too much about this, but just in case… I’ve been blogging at a Tumblr site called The Optical for the last three months or so, posting cool […]

I really miss Antipixel. It hasn’t been updated for over a year, but I still go back every couple of months, hoping that it will be updated. I was worried that something untoward had happened, but Jeremy is suddenly updating his flickr stream again, so I guess he’s doing all right. Hope springs eternal!

Thanks to Sternest Meanings, I now know my name is an anagram of “Zoom irks on backlash.”

By the time you read this, BeerMediaTech 001 should be up and available for your listening pleasure. Still getting some kinks out of the format (and we rambled quite a lot), but it was at least fun to record! Click here to get the full show notes: , or listen right here: powered by ODEO

I’ve been wondering lately— whever happened to Jeremy Hedley’s AntiPixel? It’s been a full year now since his last post, without so much as a how-do-you-do. I hope he’s okay.