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Two months ago, on my birthday, I decided to treat myself (and my wife) to see Watchmen opening day on a big-ass IMAX screen. Now, Watchmen wasn’t shot on IMAX like parts of The Dark Knight were (which we’ll get to later), but I’ve seen the IMAX blow-ups before, and they do a damn good […]

I’ve been thinking for quite a while now that, while I continue to aspire to accomplishments that I feel I am perfectly capable of, as of late I have: Not been making very much progress toward these goals, and Feeling like I have less and less time in which to accomplish them. I have since […]

From the Make Blog: Over the last few months I’ve seen more people start projects than ever before, many have told me their favorite shows aren’t on so they decided to dust off their tools and make something. Projects are flowing in to the MAKE submission form, new things in MAKE Flickr photo pool – […]

When I ordered a recent After Effects tutorials book, I was offered a Digital Upgrade from Amazon. I took the offer, not looking very closely, but later found that it doesn’t include any of the files that may be on any attached disc(s)— just the scanned pages. Just an FYI.

So far, the iPhone is 95% joy, and 5% infuriating. Some of the high (and low) points: It’s incredibly scratch-resistant. Bluetooth hands-free headsets work incredibly well. Well, at least my JawBone does. No to-dos. Ta-da Lists have a nice iPhone-specific interface now, but I still want some sort of OmniFocus-like GTD task list for this […]

mboszko 22:38:40 Oh, finally picked a horse in the HD disc format race. 22:39:43 Costco had an instant $100 rebate on one of the Toshiba HD-DVD players, so I picked it up, along with a Jet Li movie. That was my “Father’s Day” gift from everyone. 22:40:00 Oh, crap. 22:40:09 I just realized I don’t […]