Xcoders Seattle: How to App Video

These are the “show notes” from my How to App Video talk at Seattle Xcoders, on May 21, 2014 at 7:00 pm.

Slides, AV Script Format, and Videos

  • My Xcoders talk was recorded and now available on (and embedded above)!
  • My Slide Deck — not sure how helpful this is without the talk, but there it is. These are actually the slides from the previous presentation of this talk at Renaissance 2014, but very little has changed, aside from MouseTools, and including both Mac and iOS instead of just iOS.
  • AV Format Markdown CSS (on GitHub) to use in BBEdit, Marked, and Ulysses
  • If you’re printing out the script from BBEdit, and want the shading to print behind the video side of the script, check out the instructions in this post.
  • At the moment, BBEdit doesn’t obey the CSS page break styles when printing, to avoid weird widow/orphan issues. It seems it’s an Apple Web View bug, and they are working on a solution for that.
  • Final OmniOutliner View Settings “Support Short” video from The Omni Group
  • Final video from MartianCraft
  • Final spec spot, and a on how we did some of the special effects.


More Bits