Attack of the Giant Amazon!

This is the final version of a spec spot that we produced for the 2009 “Your Amazon Ad Contest”, and submitted on 28 July 2009. Sadly we did not make the final five, but I encourage you to go vote on the ones that did. (The contest has since long ended.)

The version is embedded above, and it has also been posted to . Please feel free to share it far and wide.

Enormous thanks to the entire cast and crew:

  • Mark Boszko: Writer, Director, Co-Producer, Director of Photography, Grip, Background Actor (“Man Standing Agape”, “Foil Man”), Editor, VFX Artist, Colorist
  • Doug Koztoski: Co-writer, Co-Producer, 2nd Unit DoP, Grip, Background Actor (“Running Man #1, #3 & #4”, “Director”)
  • Sarah Thomason: Actor (“Amazon Woman”), Grip
  • Carlos Hip: Cantonese Translator, Actor (“Executive Producer”), Grip
  • Marivic Tagala: Actor (“EP’s Assistant”)
  • Jose Vazquez: Background Actor (“Boom Operator’), Boom Operator, Grip, VFX Assistant
  • Rob Rhyne: Background Actor (“Actor with Kindle”), Grip
  • David Brown: Background Actor (“Running Man #2”)

Thanks also to Tom Schmidt for his VFX critiques, and to Buzz Andersen for his “Buzzhelm Scream” which we used for the man running from his car.