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Home Made Egg Nogs

According to the taste test I did a couple of years back for an egg nog-focused podcast (that was, ultimately, never quite completed), we did several home-made nog recipes based on various combinations of dairy and liquor. The one that won our never-before-revealed taste test was this recipe from the folks at the marketing department

NogCast: Storebought Nogs, Part 2

Click to Play In which we rate 5 more nogs, discuss the origin of the term “eggnog”, and declare an overall storebought nog winner.

NogCast: Storebought Nogs Part 1

Click to Play Wherein we introduce ourselves, review five storebought eggnogs, and find out where eggnog came from. We review Lucerne Holiday Eggnog, Southern Comfort Traditional Egg Nog, Southern Comfort Vanilla Spice Egg Nog, Food Lion Old Fashioned Egg Nog, and Weis Egg Nog.

NogCast is Coming!

Click to Play NogCast, starring three completely unprofessional eggnog tasters, will features reviews, commentary and general dinkery of various rich, creamy and spiked nogs. Subscribe now! This video was originally shared on blip.tv by NogCast with a No license (All rights reserved) license.

Egg Nog: Round 2

So, here I am, another year older, another year wiser. Still, I have the crazy urge to review more varieties of nog. (…or perhaps, is it the fact that I simply can’t find any of the brands I liked last year?) Anyway— some good. Some bad. Some soy. As they used to say during Sunday

Egg Nog Review

Well, okey, maybe this isn’t technically a “rant,” but it’s not a book, movie or music review either. Maybe I need to need to create a catch-all category just called “reviews.” One more thing to add to the redesign menu. But anyway, without further adoo (adieu?)… Certainly, I’m a little late, but as of the