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Mark Boszko
By: Mark Boszko 2015-08-11

Upgrading Django to use Virtualenv on WebFaction

Recently, I wanted to upgrade my website on ye olde Django 1.6.5 to finally come up to speed with Django 1.8.3 (current, as of this writing). However, I realized that upgrading a WebFaction webapp in situ seemed to be a rather painful process. In addition, WebFaction doesn’t set you up with Virtualenv by default, and I’d

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting Your Own Data
Mark Boszko
By: Mark Boszko 2015-04-19

FeedPress Subscribers for Panic Status Board

Since the launch of my new podcast, I’ve been trying to keep track of stats on podcast downloads and subscribers. FeedPress has been my feed tracker of choice recently, and seems to work very smoothly (even if they only update stats once a day). I’m also a big fan of Panic’s Status Board iPad app

New Digs

If you’re seeing this, it means you’re seeing my new, migrated site. I realized that I wasn’t really using any of the extra features that Squarespace was affording me, and while they have given me great service (and I love their stats package), it was time to minimize my outlay to my various service providers.