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My goal is to have made at least one tiki mug for my home tiki bar, by the end of the year. I’ve been poring over Tiki Central’s forums to learn more about the process. I have also picked up a couple of books on it, and have been creating a big workflow list of […]

I’m controlling everything in this project with a Raspberry Pi 2, a system on a chip. Essentially it’s a really tiny Linux computer that you can use for most anything you could use a full-size computer for. It’s just not quite as powerful. NeoPixels (WS2811) I was afraid, when I first started this project, that […]

I’m gonna build a volcano. Movies are a huge passion in my life, so of course I have a screening room (which most other people would probably call a “home theater”) in my basement. Tiki is a passion of mine too, and while I haven’t brought too much tiki decor into my home (just a […]

I’ve applied to get a table in Artist Alley at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle next year, for my VFX podcast, The Optical. So, before I helped my good friends at AAlgar Productions pack up their table this year, I took some measurements. Assuming I get the table, I plan to have an overhead display […]

I was digitizing some old VHS tapes, and came across this. I’m guessing I’m about three years old, and I’m bringing a bowl of water to my grandparents’ dog, Silva. Shot on 8mm film by my Grandpa (Lawrence C. Swenson). It’s not much, but as far as I know, it the only moving image of […]

I’m not sure exactly how I came into having these poster images, but reading on DigiBarn, it looks like they may have been designed by Marcin Wichary (perhaps this gentleman?) to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Macintosh. You can download the entire set of 14 posters as PDFs, suitable for printing up poster-sized.

To celebrate my friends’ podcast, Post Atomic Horror, hitting 100 episodes, I translated 99 Luftballons into Klingon. Because, SCIENCE! Please note that I am not a native speaker of the Klingon Language, so several evenings with Okrand’s Klingon Dictionary let to this probably-horrible translation. The complete lyrics (with english translation): poHlIj’a’ (do you have time) […]