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Uptown’s Dream Screen
Mark Boszko
By: Mark Boszko 2021-04-04

Limit Handbrake CPU usage under Windows

I’ve recently transitioned to using a PC for all of my media transcoding and hosting Plex, so I can keep my Macs unburdened and ready for real work. The only thing is — when Handbrake is compressing something, it pegs all of my CPU cores at 100%, leaving not much left for Plex Media Server

Looking for Work

For the first time in nearly seven years, I am now unemployed. Yesterday, along with several other people, I was laid off from my job at The Omni Group, and I’m now looking for new work. UPDATE: Here is a link to my resume PDF and my complete CV. First of all, thank you to

Points of Interest
Mark Boszko
By: Mark Boszko 2018-09-26

SSL Certificates in Python 3.6

Note to self: After installing Python 3.6 on your Mac, run /Applications/Python 3.6/Install Certificates.command so your SLL connections don’t fail. The error you might get, when this is the case, is:

Python 3.6 no longer links to the macOS-supplied SSL libraries and now includes its own copy of OpenSSL, but it doesn’t automatically install

Reverse Proxy with macOS Server
Mark Boszko
By: Mark Boszko 2017-05-02
Installing a Let’s Encrypt Certificate on macOS Server
Mark Boszko
By: Mark Boszko 2017-04-15