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For the first time in nearly seven years, I am now unemployed. Yesterday, along with several other people, I was laid off from my job at The Omni Group, and I’m now looking for new work. UPDATE: Here is a link to my resume PDF and my complete CV. First of all, thank you to […]

Map of Borgholms Castle

I’ve always been interested in the stories behind designs, and one particular point of interest is in the development of the original Apple Macintosh computer, well chronicled in the website, and eventually collected in the book Revolution in the Valley. Susan Kare, designer of the original Macintosh icons, says she based the design of […]

Note to self: After installing Python 3.6 on your Mac, run /Applications/Python 3.6/Install Certificates.command so your SLL connections don’t fail. The error you might get, when this is the case, is:

Python 3.6 no longer links to the macOS-supplied SSL libraries and now includes its own copy of OpenSSL, but it doesn’t automatically install […]

A snippet of the macOS Server documentation about web apps

Visualize this outcome: -> my single public IP -> Port forwarding 80 and 443 to LAN, a Mac mini running Apple macOS Server 5.3 on macOS 10.12 Sierra. -> my single public IP -> LAN -> reverse proxy? -> :80 and :443 on LAN, another Mac mini running GitLab CE […]

I have had a hell of a time finding a way to install a Let’s Encrypt certificate on macOS Server the Right Way™, due to how Server customizes the Apache config in weird and annoying ways. For the moment, I am going to use this way to “trick” certbot into issuing the cert to a […]

I’ve moved this article to my new “maker” blog at Vixen Labs. Go read it there!

A few months ago, I was drawing in Adobe Illustrator for an animation we were producing, and I was having trouble with my laptop bogging down and becoming completely unresponsive when Illustrator threw up its hands at copying or pasting the hundreds of tiny switches and buttons I had drawn on a retro-style computer bank. […]