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Still great. Everything holds up really well, with the exception of Mark Knopfler’s electronic “orchestral” score, which sounds really chintzy to my ear now, but when it switches over to the acoustic guitar, it sings again. Shocking to see such a young lady again who would grow up to be President of the United States. […]

Fun Cinderella story. Glad I went into it completely blind, because I was delighted to discover over the course of the story what had surely been basic plot points spoiled in the trailer. Not that I couldn’t often guess what was happening next in the film, but it was very well done. Also, damn, they […]

Rewatch with R. *from [my Letterboxd](

I love how when Joi steps out into the rain, it takes a few seconds for her software to start rendering raindrops on her skin. I love the weird revving noise in the soundtrack. I love that Mackenzie Davis is in this, if only for a minute. I love that the horse was really there. […]

I love the humanity in this one, though I wish there was more to it. Almost feels like a deleted scene from the main film. *from [my Letterboxd](

Ye gods, I despise Jared Leto. Interesting prologue, tho. *from [my Letterboxd](

Good prologue; wish there had been a little more depth, but it’s hard to do in ten minutes. Beautiful animation. Great to see (and hear) Gaff again. *from [my Letterboxd](