What do I like about horror?

I’ve been doing a sort of movie scavenger hunt the past month called HoopTober, which has several “quick easy” rules; different categories and directors and such that you have to find horror films to fit into. The event is named after Tobe Hooper, probably most well known as director of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but

SSL Certificates in Python 3.6

Note to self: After installing Python 3.6 on your Mac, run /Applications/Python 3.6/Install Certificates.command so your SLL connections don’t fail. The error you might get, when this is the case, is:

Python 3.6 no longer links to the macOS-supplied SSL libraries and now includes its own copy of OpenSSL, but it doesn’t automatically install

Reverse Proxy with macOS Server
Mark Boszko
By: Mark Boszko 2017-05-02
Installing a Let’s Encrypt Certificate on macOS Server
Mark Boszko
By: Mark Boszko 2017-04-15

Alternate Production Methods for Borg Prosthetics

I’ve moved this article to my new “maker” blog at Vixen Labs. Go read it there!

A Letter to my Children Upon the Election of Donald J. Trump

Last night, we elected a new President of the United States. It is not who we hoped for.

Remotely log into unresponsive Mac and kill processes

A few months ago, I was drawing in Adobe Illustrator for an animation we were producing, and I was having trouble with my laptop bogging down and becoming completely unresponsive when Illustrator threw up its hands at copying or pasting the hundreds of tiny switches and buttons I had drawn on a retro-style computer bank.