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If you produce or edit video, you might like to know that I’m selling my Mac Pro system. It’s a little overkill for what I need at home right now, so if you need a powerful video system, read on. If you’re in Seattle, see the Craigslist ad. Package Includes: Mac Pro “Eight Core” 2.8 […]

Ahh… I’ve always wanted to write one of those link-bait post titles. Now at least I have a fun excuse. I noticed today that in the “Smiley menu” in the Messages compose window, that the alcoholic beverages have been edited out. Normally, in the Objects section of the emoji menu, the order goes Baby Bottle, […]

If you’re seeing this, it means you’re seeing my new, migrated site. I realized that I wasn’t really using any of the extra features that Squarespace was affording me, and while they have given me great service (and I love their stats package), it was time to minimize my outlay to my various service providers. […]

He wrote reviews for The Chicago Sun-Times for 46 years. I grew up with him and Siskel on PBS. He was the critic I trusted the most. I will miss his passion for what he did. I will miss his writing, ever entertaining, even when he hated the film. I will miss his rice cooker […]

I’m not announcing any plans, as such (trying to learn from my past mistakes of announcing good intentions, and almost uniformly failing them), but I’m working out a plan to be more serious about my movie watching this year. I’ve got movies that have probably been in the Netflix queue for a decade, and I’d […]

Found this languishing in my drafts folder. Interesting look back, at least for those who lived it. I definitely need to do a drink/gambling Sin Log the next time I’m in Vegas. Here it is, unedited: Day 1: In the morning, we talked to a number of folks from Apple about their new products and […]

This is the ringtone for Derek Flint’s direct line to the President in the 1966 movie, Our Man Flint, which was a sort of parody of the James Bond movies of the time. The ringtone would also be later used as the sound of the electronic handcuffs in Hudson Hawk.