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Optical Alchemy has a wicked keen iTunes visualizer— Jewelcase, which displays a 3D rendered spinning jewelbox of whatever album your currently playing song is from, complete with tracks listing and cover art. Of course, it uses your cover art in iTunes, so it works best if you’ve loaded in all your cover art (or got […]

I added a “Music Habits” link to the navigation links in the bar to your right. This link goes to my page on Audioscrobbler. Audioscrobbler, for those who don’t know, is a wicked keen site that has plugins you can download for your music player of choice (Mac, PC, Linux, whatever) and it tracks what […]

I’ve just discovered this NPR show which plays Celtic music, and hails from Perthshire, Scotland. It’s been airing for twenty years— I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! NPR: The Thistle & Shamrock

Just what it says. An incredible resource for discovering new music! 1 Million Free & Legal Music Tracks – Main.HomePage

I was approached this afternoon by a guy who said he was part of what basically amounted to a hippie enclave of folks who had decided to drop out of society. For a meager donation, I could receive a magazine, a bumper sticker (“STOP BITCHING – START A REVOLUTION…”) and a CD of the founder’s […]

Just testing to see whether Smarty Pants will translate the “ae” in their name to the “æ” ligature glyph. [Update: It doesn’t.] In any case, the Mediæval Bæbes are definitely worth a listen. I’m looking forward to getting their holiday album, Mistletoe & Wine.