Comparison of Buffy original and widened HD looks.

Buffy’s HD Remaster Woes

This post on Facebook shows in great detail the disappointing issues with the new HD remaster of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for Pivot TV, complete with side-by-side comparisons and video links. (All of the side-by-sides here on the blog are taken from that Facebook article. Thanks, mystery author!) The questionable 16:9 cropping (or opening the …

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Get BBEdit HTML preview to print background colors

I realize this is probably something that only I want, but just in case, here it is for Google (and for future me, who has forgotten how to do it). Run this in the Terminal:

Thanks to my pal Jim Correia for figuring that out! He asked me to name a background color in …

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Motion Tracking for Screen Replacement

This new video is a great introduction to tracking screen replacements. Imagineer Systems makes Mocha, a planar tracker that will allow you to get excellent tracks of a flat (or flat-ish) surface, often without tracking markers. A lite version, Mocha AE comes bundled with After Effects. Obviously, this isn’t a complete solution for iOS developers …

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