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As my birthday gift this year, my good friend AAl took me to see Faith No More — which I think finally makes it all of the bands that I was really into in the 90s that I’ve now seen in person (with the exception of Curve, for whom I am no longer holding out […]

The missus and I saw Veruca Salt at Tractor last night, and it was a blast! I think I’ve finally seen all of my 90’s band obsessions live in person now, aside from Curve, which will be some crazy miracle if Toni and Dean reunite and decide to tour the west coast of the US. […]

I realize this is a very Southern Maryland-centric request, but does anyone out there possibly have an audio or video recording of the ads for the supermarket McKay’s Food Store with their crazy earworm of a jingle? Extra bonus points if you come up with the late-80s/early-90s TV ad with jingle that consists entirely of […]

I’m very slowly creating an album entitled “Station in the Mentos,” and track #4 was just created tonight. Go check it out:Station in the Mentos

As one of the fifty kajillion projects I’m constantly working on, I’ve been slowly correcting the titles of my iTunes library. Sure, when I ripped my CDs, iTunes looks them up in the CDDB/Gracenote database, but they’re not often formatted the way I like them (and neither are the ones I’ve downloaded through various other […]

Silly me— all this time, I thought the Casio PT-7 only came in a cream color, but this fellow has on on eBay, and it’s black. Very cool.